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I have been busy with my sewing machine for a while. I had bought a lot of fabric from my last RCPuram trip for different things, but some times you just buy and don’t know what you’ll do with that. I also had bought some fabric just like that… and last week I was browsing net and came across a simple pouch using circular piece of fabric, and I had to make it! Luckily I had the matching fabric for piping and matching zipper as well! So here it is…

2013-05-11 09.41.40and the coaster on cardboard weaver are done

2013-05-11 12.21.30


Next is a bag which is done in patchwork print fabric

2013-05-15 18.05.30I am so satisfied with this as I made pockets inside and the zipper is installed so perfectly.

2013-05-15 18.04.58 it it is three days work, but I am liking it 🙂




Felting Fun


Suddenly I felt like I need a bag! I checked online but I can’t work with instructions from the net and I don’t like those B/W printouts, they don’t encourage me to work. So I thought to check in my collection if I can make something nice from what I have. I had this book “Bags that rock” and the yarn for quite some time… but was afraid to try a new technique! after a lot of thinking I choose to go with the pattern “Laura Petrie” The pattern uses three colors but I haw wool in two colors only… so I used two colors only. It was an easy and quick knit. the felting instructions given in the book were for the washing machine, but I tried it with my hands… I was so afraid if everything is going to be ok.. but as after some time I started noticing the change I was so happy . So now I have a nice felted bag… which needs lining 😛


I usually crochet things that are decorative and useful. So when there was a CAL to make bags in Ravelry, I thought to try. The search for the pattern was not difficult as I had one in my favorites list. And here is the final project:

I used cotton yarn for the bag and did a cotton lining for it. Added a zipper pocket as well.

The handles are made of wooden beads which I found in nearby store.

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