Happy Third Birthday

My little cuties turned THREE on Saturday 30th.

The two little birthday babies were too happy to wear a party dress and as soon they were ready they asked their papa to change his clothes to go to the party. They thought we were going to some party 🙂 they understood it was their b’day only after the guests wish them a happy b’day. Otherwise they were happy to say it was Chiya’s (their friend) b’day.

They as all other kids love the cake (frosting ;)) and were waiting eagerly to get a piece of it. But when they got to cut the cake; they thought cutting a cake was more fun and kept cutting it for a while. Even Chiya couldn’t resist herself and asked to hold the knife later.

After the cake the snacks.

But the kids were busy with cake actually.

Even Tintin was helping himself

Achu was missing so Tintin joined to complete the family photo 🙂



What did I hear?

“Give me!”

That’s what Aaku said when I took the lid of the box she was playing with. I cannot explain my reaction, my feelings in words!! It was so sweet like I just tasted my favorite food… really I felt it that way. I hugged her tightly and kissed her several times. I didn’t ask her to repeat, as I didn’t want to spoil my flavor. And she was so happy to see me like this. (she loves it when I hug her tightly and kiss her all over her face.)

This was the first set of words she said, that I never used for her or her sister. The school effect is showing up!!

And now some photos from the birthday celebration of my mother (last month)

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