from nowhere…

We had our lunch and I was cleaning the table… Achu came and asked for paper, colors and scissors. Why? I asked and Aaku came with their magazine which has a ‘how to make’ section, they wanted to make fur tree as shown in the book. OK I said and happily they were running around me until I finished my work.

So it was a tree. we draw and cut the paper…

colored all the sides according to our taste….


who wanted a boring green tree? we like it full of colors 🙂

every side is ready…


time to join..

here is Aaku’s tree..

here is Achu’s tree..


I love

I love the creations of my daughters…

I love the cute little princess Aaku has made.

I love the hair of Achu’s princess 🙂

I love them when they sit quietly and do their stuff (most of the time they do!)…

I love the cute little fingers involved here…

and here…

I love the description Aaku gave about what she has drawn… this is a princess’s house, she is going to the park, here is the way for the car..etc.

I love how Achu has got interest in drawing and now her creations are cute!

Friends and fun

my daughters are busy now a days with dancing; as they are practicing for their annual day function. they want me to put the music on and will dance till they are tired. I wish I could upload video, maybe soon 🙂

Other than that they are coloring all around with crayons. making gifts for their friends.

This is achu’s gift for her friend, she wanted it to be decorated with beads so I offered some sequins from my collection.

This one is Aku’s as you can get to know by seeing the neat finishing and perfect locations of the sequins.



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