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some things we did

we did dig the mud ….

we backed honey yoghurt muffins…

we made the pompom doll

we ate homemade doughnuts

we made a yarn wrapped vase

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and we sang  “do you want to build a snowman? ” all day long!!  🙂




one month gone and I have nothing much to share…. I am busy between work, children and home. crafts are happening but the pace is so slow and some w.i.p.s lying around the house. the only thing I managed to finish is this dress

2014-01-25 16.23.38

Initially I took another lace for the neck but then changed the design …

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Black sheep with Mery

My kids had a fancy dress competition today. The theme was nursery rhyme characters and  they had to dress as their favourite Nursery rhyme character and had to do a small presentation on it- not more than 1 minute. Achu choose “Mary had a little lamb”

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It was super easy, I only had to sew this lamb out of a white towel 🙂

Aaku’s rhyme was ”Baa, Baa black sheep” And here is she before leaving to school

2013-09-27 08.15.41


I made this coat by sewing cotton straps on her old shirt, same for the head. She is looking so pretty with the three bags in her hand, isn’t she?

2013-09-27 08.16.06


So my Mary said that she was one of the selected students from her class, and my Black sheep got afraid and needed help to sing the rhyme!!

more for me

I have been doing  a lot of sewing for a while,  some really adventurous stitching.  Adventurous, as I did the things which I had never done before and which I had doubt if the outcome will be good enough to wear.  So the outcomes are fine enough to wear outside and I am happy

first is the blouse with lining which I stitched to wear for the Independence day celebration at school.


The plant that is peeping from the side is the brinjal plant 🙂  Photo clicked by Achu!!

The other one is a dress set


This took a lot of time to finish as I could not decide how to use the black fabric for enhancing the top. at last I did some machine embroidery using the bottom fabric on the top.


and did a little hand embroidery at the neckline.


culmination day at school

Culminating activities are an important part of the academic programme of my daughters school. Culminating activities are organized for children to demonstrate their skills and project work. Parents are invited to view the work done by their children in the school.

We had our first culmination day last week. The children beautifully and I must say “confidently” shared their knowledge , as they played a scene from their syllabus.  My daughters were part of  “the community helpers”. Achu had to play a nurse and Aaku was a teacher.

2013-08-05 08.43.27

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fancy dress


the chef’s from my home: I am happy they are in different sections and I don’t have to think two separate things 🙂2013-06-18 08.13.21


and the two together

2013-06-18 08.13.31


the blue one was angry as I insisted to wear school shoes!!


I have been doing a little this and that for past few weeks.

paper mache dolls
paper mache dolls
crocheting a bag
crocheting a bag
one more
one more..
reusing this into....
reusing this into….
a suit set for achu
….a suit set for Achu
and a frock for aaku
and a frock for Aaku
a key ring
a key ring
polke dot dress for achu
polka dot dress for Achu

and not to miss hair cut for her as well 🙂

summer holidays

We are enjoying our summer holidays. DDs are playing all day long with their dolls or no-dolls, watching 3hr tv: as there is always some animation movie after lunch time, reading books: they must read by themselves when they want and I must read to them before sleeping, there is most of the days no nap and long sleep at night, waking up late, splashing in pool with papa and a lot of other things. some are clicked:

coloring sometime
coloring sometime
made jewelry for ourself
made jewelry for


paper mache doll
paper mache doll
trying hand on cardboard loom
trying hands on cardboard loom
paper planes
paper planes
rag doll
rag doll
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