a little tote for my daughter

I made a cute pouch for one of my daughters months ago, and now I am done with one more for the another daughter. it’s a little tote and she is carrying it everywhere with baby doll on the other hand.

I made this one as well with the crocheted squares; that I had made for some project which never got started; and some little crocheted rings.

I took 6 squares; 4 of one color and 2 of other
made 4 rings of third color
joined the squares
attached the rings at the joining points of four squares
made sl sts at the open end with third color
made the handle (dc st) with the third color
made handle (dc st) and it is done.

and she has filled it with her puzzle pieces.


some sewing and crocheting

I loved the shirt dress when I saw it and thought to make it some day. with my two little daughters it seems always impossible to do sewing, as they tend to put hands over the work be it either cutting or sewing, they jump over to see how am I doing things or want to assist me by holding things, they take it as a game and say “now it’s my turn”, and all this ends with one more unfinished project lying in the shelf.

but when I saw one of my husbands shirts, which he stopped wearing, I decided to try my hand over the shirt dress. it took me the whole day to finish it up (it happens when you have two very active assistants who want to take over your place) and finally when I was doneĀ  my girls refused to try it, saying, “woo papa ka hai” (that is papa’s). somehow I made Achu to wear the dress.

I used the leftover of one of my dress, that I had made, for the belt and added ruffles to give it a little brightness. added a fabric flower at the top to lure my girls to wear it by saying “it has a cute flower on it”.

now i had the leftover of the shirt and the dress, quite enough to make another dress for Aaku. and I made it on the following day.

here are the two dresses.

Aaku's dress
Achu's dress
can you see the flower?

that’s all about the sewing, and now the crocheting; I made a little jungle friend for my daughters. its an elephant, a little elephant, my girls love it. here is the picture;

other then all these I also made a little purse for myself.

finished the rug; it turned out great…

the one unfinished project I talked about in other post is finished. and really I am amazed to see the result. when I was crocheting the squares, I was thinking that the combination of the these very different yarns is not going to work. but I kept working it as an experiment. I used all the bright colors I had, and so the rug looks like a rangoli.

pattern directions