from my garden

I managed to have some greens from my planters the other day.

2013-04-06 08.20.04

I know its not too much or even enough for preparing one serving, but it is my first yield, so I have to show off 😉

It is mix or Amaranth, Spinach and Mustard greens.

this is what it turned out into

2013-04-06 08.32.25

so tasty!!! now I am waiting for the next yield.

carrot halwa candies

I love carrots, the red ones. And now as the season has begun I can see red juicy carrots at every vegetable shop.  Last time I was buying vegetables I bought around a kg of carrots and they were so soft, juicy, sweet that I could not resist  and immediately went to buy the other ingredient for the carrot halwa or I should say Gazar Ka Halwa that is Khova. and that’s all I needed to make quick halwa. It was finished as soon as it was served. But I saved a little for the next day lunch box. To keep in kids lunch box I prepared these candies by wrapping a little in foil. and they were happy to see the candies that they demanded one for each friend.



the photo was taken after the lunch box was packed… so only this much 🙂

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