For a cutie

Another quick project. This one for a little girl


I just love this pink, Vardhman baby soft, super soft yarn and so light. I am still thinking to make one more item to go with it, but can’t decide on a hat or booties.


Colours on my needles

My recent fo (finished object) is the shrug for my sil. No I didn’t mend the last one but though of quickly making another one. All because of the steaking being alien technique for me.. never tried.. know it only in theory. I may get the nerves to try it but surely not now.
Coming back to the fo, this was my sil’s choice, as she wanted a full sleeved shrug.


I am super happy the way it has turned. I have tried knitting shrug before but I was never happy with the results and so the projects never got completed. Maybe because I never wore them I was not sure about their drape and fitting. I think this project gave me a bit of idea of a shrug.
Other than this I am working on some other projects.. here is a sneak peek on one of them


an outing

We went on a picnic on last Saturday.  The picnic was organised by my DH’s company for the employers and family at Prakrithi resort  Bangalore.

Achu decided to swing instead of jumping in the bouncy.  DSC00857and so did Aku



Slide was the next big hit



hey had a bubble show for children and each of them enjoyed it be a big child or a little one.



Chasing the bubbles



and we were provided kite making kits, on which I tried my hand and succeeded to make one. But it didn’t fly and soon Achu was trying her hand on it



she tried hard



and harder



and she was running with it for a lot of time in the sunny weather…  so they felt so good when I asked to take out the warm clothes and put on the sunglasses






some rest



and again on the go



counting tiles in garden



and checking what they got as gift



It was a day full of activities and the kids enjoyed a lot.


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