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I have been doing  a lot of sewing for a while,  some really adventurous stitching.  Adventurous, as I did the things which I had never done before and which I had doubt if the outcome will be good enough to wear.  So the outcomes are fine enough to wear outside and I am happy

first is the blouse with lining which I stitched to wear for the Independence day celebration at school.


The plant that is peeping from the side is the brinjal plant 🙂  Photo clicked by Achu!!

The other one is a dress set


This took a lot of time to finish as I could not decide how to use the black fabric for enhancing the top. at last I did some machine embroidery using the bottom fabric on the top.


and did a little hand embroidery at the neckline.


tricolor things

we were busy in my school in Independence day themed crafts, as we celebrate it with parents … and need to decorate the place with themed charts. so with the help of all the children in my class I put together this chart

2013-08-12 13.48.25


The other one has the paintings we did with the tricolors

2013-08-12 13.49.42


We did a lot of lotus in different styles.. I made the stencil and kids loved coloring it  as they had a perfect lotus  at the end 🙂

2013-08-12 13.52.10


And this is hand-print peacock and thumb flag hosting with some  tricolor craft

 2013-08-12 13.51.51



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