Montessori house of children’s day

It was their third Montessori house of children day, and I could see the change in their personalities through these years. they are more confident, ready to join in to new things and show off what they know in front of the group of people they hardly know. I am a happy mother 🙂











Montessori house of children’s day: day2

Aakanksha with others singing “Doe a Deer”

Saying the first sound and showing that from sand paper letters.

she is not singing but saying a number with the place value of each digit in that number.

With friends 🙂

See the stardust arranged by the children!

Montessori House of children’s day

Welcome to the Montessori house of children’s day 🙂

This is the program where all the children get in the stage to show what they are doing in the class. It encourages them to come forward and take the stage, talk on the mic. here is the stage

Here are the children sitting and waiting eagerly to go on the stage and perform

They welcome all the parents

Sing together the songs

Dance together

Here Acala is forming word “Bag”

And she came to the mic but before I clicked she was gone…

Achala is saying the first sound of the word (I don’t remember what picture she was holding)

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