Observation at school

So we had the second observation for my daughters in this year. as now both of them are in same environment we had the same time for them. They wanted papa to come as usual as they think mummy already knows so no fun! If it is papa they can explain and tell him how and what of the activity. but sadly dh had a training program and couldn’t join us on the day.  So I went to their environment around eleven o’clock and they started with  the sentence boxes. Both of them showed the sentence formation and were quite comfortable in the activity. Then Achu started to show one by one: stamp game, dot board, Hindi box, subtraction stamp game, multiplication board, dustbin work are some I remember. She was enjoying the work she was doing and that was an achievement for her teacher as well as for her. Now I only have to work on her reading with understanding part, she wants to read but don’t want to follow the script, so she comes with her own story by seeing the pictures and reading some of the words in the book.

Now Aku has become so much moody after we came back from hometown. she doesn’t want  to do work in the school and so she had not been in practice of the works and was not quite happy to show me the work. she showed me two or three works: dustbin work, sentence box, dot board, Hindi box, and when it came to the stamp game she was all lost and started complaining. So that was all about her, I am not too worried about her and think it is a phase and she will change.


Montessori house of children’s day

It was their third Montessori house of children day, and I could see the change in their personalities through these years. they are more confident, ready to join in to new things and show off what they know in front of the group of people they hardly know. I am a happy mother 🙂










Montessori house of children’s day: day2

Aakanksha with others singing “Doe a Deer”

Saying the first sound and showing that from sand paper letters.

she is not singing but saying a number with the place value of each digit in that number.

With friends 🙂

See the stardust arranged by the children!

Montessori House of children’s day

Welcome to the Montessori house of children’s day 🙂

This is the program where all the children get in the stage to show what they are doing in the class. It encourages them to come forward and take the stage, talk on the mic. here is the stage

Here are the children sitting and waiting eagerly to go on the stage and perform

They welcome all the parents

Sing together the songs

Dance together

Here Acala is forming word “Bag”

And she came to the mic but before I clicked she was gone…

Achala is saying the first sound of the word (I don’t remember what picture she was holding)

A delima

Now that my daughters are about to complete two years in their school, we have to decide on how they will work on the coming year. Usually the children, in their school,in third year are trained according to the traditional schools so that when they go to a big school, they are mentally ready for it.

now the head of the school called me and asked me about my plans about the kids. She wants them to continue for one more year before they go to the classroom kind of environment; that means they will take two more years before going to the 1st standard.

According to her if they will continue for one more year in Montessori system they are going to be more independent and confident when they reach at the 1st std.

We have time till the month of march to see how they are doing and what to do. But the delima  is that on the pace Aaku is doing she will surely reach the bar to go in the classroom next year , on the other hand I don’t see Achu anywhere near  there. So if till the end of session if Achu is not reaching to that point we’ll have to hold Aaku also. The reason is that if only one of them is going in the classroom session next year, it is going to leave negative mark on the other!

I have time till second week of march to think!

I think they both will continue with Montessori system next year also!


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