Happy new year

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!!

Live it! Love it! enjoy every minute of it!!

I am leaving you to celebrate the beginning of the new year with my year end roundup. I had listed my craft goals for the year and now is the time to look into the list to find out how much did I manage to do.

1.I am going to again try 52 in 52 i.e. will try to finish 52 craft projects this year. They’ll be published under 52in5 2016

I did manage to do more crafting this year and can proudly announce the completed list is in my page 52in52 2016.

2.Sew covers for dining chairs.  This project is pending for last two years so a must do.

yes I did this too!!

3. Fabric Painted pillow covers; this is mostly to push my kids to paint😛

Not done. 😦 Started but couldn’t follow. not even half done!!

4. Knit/Crochet dresses for the girls. They have been asking for a long time now.


5. Knit/Crochet a shrug for sister, it was supposed to be gifted last year.

done! but still need to handover :p

5.Sew dresses with fabric in stash

made a kurta for me and one for LO

6. Not to forget to complete the UFOs

didn’t forget them but didn’t touch as well!! still ufo’s :p

I think I did good, and with all the happenings in the health area I must say I did great.. I didn’t quit and managed to keep myself crafting all year round.

Wishing myself and you all a crafty year ahead. Happy new year again!!



Happy Baisakhi

2013-04-14 10.33.00

Celebrating Baisakhi with sweet Jalebies!! Just out of the stove 🙂

And some more hot things

2013-04-11 14.30.44a bead-work try

2013-04-06 07.03.23and earrings in orange shade

new year hopes

I am late in posting this… but I still feel that better late than never 🙂

as I wished Happy New year to my FIL day before yesterday, he laughed loudly and said now you are wishing and I replied as I could not catch you on new year  I missed wishing you, but it is still Jan so I can still wish you so! see how clever I am! and now I am applying the same logic to post late!!

Back to the topic… so  have plans (don’t know how much i’ll follow) to create 52 things crafty in 52 weeks of this year. I’ll try to post about my craft creation of the week as they come live, so please wish me all the best for my plan.

And now check my first FO in this category:  a simple dress sewn for myself, done in four days…



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