Pinterest Fail

my adventurous failed attempt on weaving on a hoop

I tried the hoola hoop weaving sometime back. You all must have seen those beautiful projects on pinterest claiming to make lovely floor rugs using the hoola hoop as the frame. I was so impressed and tempted to weave one and my bathroom door rug is wearing out. So it was a great excuse to lock myself into making one. With a beautiful outcome in my mind I started and weaved. But as it started growing I felt something was wrong. Couldn’t put my finger on what but I could sense that things are not going the way I want. Also I needed a little oblong mat instead of a round one. And I was determined to make it work. I tried a lot of things, and here was the look of the mat still on frame.

Now the problem revealed itself once I unattached the rug from the frame. It cupped and wouldn’t lie flat. 😕I knew this was happening after the red colour but still kept on working and now I had to undo all my work. I think I’ll stick to my crochet hook method for the rug. They are quick, sturdy and I can make any shape I want. So I have a rag rug coming up soon. For now you can judge the cupping by seeing these photos.

Kids said leave it like this we’ll use it as a wig😃


I almost did it

When browsing pinterest I saw lovely pics of skeletal leaves. It suggested to boil leaves in washing soda for more than an hour.
I thought why not… and I almost did it


As you can see the project was a half success. I think I would have succeeded if I have given more time to the boiling. I am not sure though..
Before you start this project kindly keep in mind…
You might not know that the boiling of washing soda will release CO2 So do it in well ventilated area.

Further boiling will release the salts which will splitter everywhere around the gas stove. It will give your pan a whitish coating.

You might have to use many kind of leaves as some kinds might not work at all. The ones I thought will be good didn’t work for me.

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