I have been doing a little this and that for past few weeks.

paper mache dolls
paper mache dolls
crocheting a bag
crocheting a bag
one more
one more..
reusing this into....
reusing this into….
a suit set for achu
….a suit set for Achu
and a frock for aaku
and a frock for Aaku
a key ring
a key ring
polke dot dress for achu
polka dot dress for Achu

and not to miss hair cut for her as well 🙂


summer holidays

We are enjoying our summer holidays. DDs are playing all day long with their dolls or no-dolls, watching 3hr tv: as there is always some animation movie after lunch time, reading books: they must read by themselves when they want and I must read to them before sleeping, there is most of the days no nap and long sleep at night, waking up late, splashing in pool with papa and a lot of other things. some are clicked:

coloring sometime
coloring sometime
made jewelry for ourself
made jewelry for


paper mache doll
paper mache doll
trying hand on cardboard loom
trying hands on cardboard loom
paper planes
paper planes
rag doll
rag doll

Aaku in C mode :)

C= creative

yes she is creating.. all by herself.

As we are having the holidays I am mostly busy with my cleaning, cooking, crafting etc. but the kids don’t have anything extra to do… they are starting their days with reading books and then shifting to the playing and watching tv…  they are really bored of this and daily are asking to go to school.

in all this they have become  interested in creating things (blame to art attack from Disney tv) they will see something and ask me for the supplies… sometimes I don’t have… Achu will be sad and will get busy in playing with toys but Aaku started creating puzzles. she is gifting them to us all the time 🙂


here is Achu puzzle (with tattoos on face), mini puzzle (she made it by putting her mini doll in her front), papa puzzle (at the corner) and another Achu puzzle (shhhh…I misplaced one piece somewhere).

Here is her tiny airplane


you can see it is less then the half of our remote, and it has a smiling face too.

and the next is her cute wall hanging..


here she is following the instructions to create the fur tree which I showed her how to do.


In all these Achu is also trying to create… here is her gift to me… looking like a tulip


you can see in background are the greeting cards made by both of them 🙂

thermocole balls garland

My daughters love the tiny thermocole balls which pop out of the birthday balloons with sweets. half of the time in the party they will collect those balls in their party hats! So I had a lot of them and I hate them as they keep running around  the room hide under the furniture stick on the clothes… seeing the collection I thought to turn them into decoration as the colors of these balls are always bright and cheery. I made garland to decorate their room with it!

And here is the senorita

She is covered with handmade from head to toe 🙂

That dress is made by me from my old sari, those earrings are made by crocheting over her old unused bangles. Even that necklace is also crocheted.. I am very happy and proud that she loved everything and enjoyed them.

Here she is at the function, waiting for her performance.

Isn’t she looking cute…

I stitched a dress for Aaku and she is loving it! It is salwar kameez with dupatta; she asked for the dupatta. Have a look

Isn’t she looking pretty?  The dress is made out of my old dress which I was never going to use again. I liked the front detail of that dress and so decided to recycle my dress into Aaku’s dress. She was waiting for it eagerly and is happy to have the dress.

Oh my! How the dress has changed her appearance. She is looking grown up in this.

Yes the salwar was a little long for her earlier but I have fixed it now. And look at the front detail of the dress, wasn’t it worth the workout?

And now Achu is digging into my fabric stash to get a good color for her and as I know her she is going to choose Pink!

Loopy Crocheting and recycling

Recently I have crocheted this purse.

The stitch pattern that is used, gave it nice knitty finish. Now most of you want to know what stitch is it? The truth is “I don’t know what stitch is it!”. I saw a you tube video for this and adapted that to make this purse.

Here is the link for the video. The language is not English; I saw it when my speakers were off. That’s why I said I adapted it!


And i was busy recycling some of the old clothes to get a rag rug. This time I tried to have a pattern for the rug. And I think it has a little pattern… doesn’t it??

that’s all for now. see you all soon.

Achala’s Performance

So the big day for Achu was yesterday, and despite of having viral fever she enjoyed it. Yes she is down with viral from last Saturday, and for that reason I didn’t let her go to school on Monday. She cried to know that she is not going to school while Aaku is going. And when I went to pick Aaku from the school Achu’s teacher requested me to send her on the next day. After seeing the performance I got to know why did she requested for her?

Now about the day of performance; Achu was dressed as a Bengali and  was looking cute.

In the hurry to school we forgot to take the camera  and so the photos are the one which I took earlier. The function started around 9:45am and finished around 11am. It was a wonderful feeling to see the little kids on the stage. I have seen such performances earlier when I was among the mentors and the performers were the students. Yesterday’s feelings were very different from that. I had tears in my eyes, and as she was the only one performing so well I was feeling proud of her. She was so confident on the stage. Dancing to show it, singing the song, looking at the audiences and not forgetting the steps.

No she didn’t said her dialogs, but she was standing with her partner there in front of the stage and searching her parents, and she got the energy as she saw us. All the kids were so happy to see their parents there and the way they were saying the dialogs was really cute. Among the first year kids only one girl said her dialogs. and we ended up in a loud laugh as one little girl mixed the dialogs of two acts. I really regret to not taking the camera with me and I hope tomorrow Aaku will perform a little to catch on the camera.

a little tote for my daughter

I made a cute pouch for one of my daughters months ago, and now I am done with one more for the another daughter. it’s a little tote and she is carrying it everywhere with baby doll on the other hand.

I made this one as well with the crocheted squares; that I had made for some project which never got started; and some little crocheted rings.

I took 6 squares; 4 of one color and 2 of other
made 4 rings of third color
joined the squares
attached the rings at the joining points of four squares
made sl sts at the open end with third color
made the handle (dc st) with the third color
made handle (dc st) and it is done.

and she has filled it with her puzzle pieces.

some sewing and crocheting

I loved the shirt dress when I saw it and thought to make it some day. with my two little daughters it seems always impossible to do sewing, as they tend to put hands over the work be it either cutting or sewing, they jump over to see how am I doing things or want to assist me by holding things, they take it as a game and say “now it’s my turn”, and all this ends with one more unfinished project lying in the shelf.

but when I saw one of my husbands shirts, which he stopped wearing, I decided to try my hand over the shirt dress. it took me the whole day to finish it up (it happens when you have two very active assistants who want to take over your place) and finally when I was done  my girls refused to try it, saying, “woo papa ka hai” (that is papa’s). somehow I made Achu to wear the dress.

I used the leftover of one of my dress, that I had made, for the belt and added ruffles to give it a little brightness. added a fabric flower at the top to lure my girls to wear it by saying “it has a cute flower on it”.

now i had the leftover of the shirt and the dress, quite enough to make another dress for Aaku. and I made it on the following day.

here are the two dresses.

Aaku's dress
Achu's dress
can you see the flower?

that’s all about the sewing, and now the crocheting; I made a little jungle friend for my daughters. its an elephant, a little elephant, my girls love it. here is the picture;

other then all these I also made a little purse for myself.

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