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my adventurous failed attempt on weaving on a hoop

I tried the hoola hoop weaving sometime back. You all must have seen those beautiful projects on pinterest claiming to make lovely floor rugs using the hoola hoop as the frame. I was so impressed and tempted to weave one and my bathroom door rug is wearing out. So it was a great excuse to lock myself into making one. With a beautiful outcome in my mind I started and weaved. But as it started growing I felt something was wrong. Couldn’t put my finger on what but I could sense that things are not going the way I want. Also I needed a little oblong mat instead of a round one. And I was determined to make it work. I tried a lot of things, and here was the look of the mat still on frame.

Now the problem revealed itself once I unattached the rug from the frame. It cupped and wouldn’t lie flat. 😕I knew this was happening after the red colour but still kept on working and now I had to undo all my work. I think I’ll stick to my crochet hook method for the rug. They are quick, sturdy and I can make any shape I want. So I have a rag rug coming up soon. For now you can judge the cupping by seeing these photos.

Kids said leave it like this we’ll use it as a wig😃


Loopy Crocheting and recycling

Recently I have crocheted this purse.

The stitch pattern that is used, gave it nice knitty finish. Now most of you want to know what stitch is it? The truth is “I don’t know what stitch is it!”. I saw a you tube video for this and adapted that to make this purse.

Here is the link for the video. The language is not English; I saw it when my speakers were off. That’s why I said I adapted it!


And i was busy recycling some of the old clothes to get a rag rug. This time I tried to have a pattern for the rug. And I think it has a little pattern… doesn’t it??

that’s all for now. see you all soon.

pattern direction for the Rug

As you have appreciated the rug so much, I decided to give a rough idea of how to work on it.  This is not the pattern but it is how I did it…. you are free to use your imagination for the color choices as well as the finishing. so here it is….

Squares: make seven

row1: ch 11, sl st to form a ring.

row2: ch5, *3dc, ch2*,  7 times, 2dc, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch 5.

row3: ch3, 2dc in ch2 loop, *ch1, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in next ch2 loop, ch1, 3dc in next loop,* 3times, ch1,  (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in next ch2 loop, ch1, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch3.

row4: ch3, 2dc in loop, *ch1, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in ch3 loop, ch1, 3dc in loop, ch1, 3dc in loop, * 3times, ch1, (3dc, ch3,3dc) in ch3 loop, ch1, 3dc in next loop, ch1, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch3.

work like above for the next rows; (3dc, ch3, 3dc) for ch3 loop and (ch1,3dc, ch1) for other loops; alternating the color of yarn after each 3rd row.

Joining the squares:

when you have made all seven squares, its time to join them.

Follow the chart to join and continue.

joining the squares

Proceeding in this way you will reach the center. When it is finished, add desired edge to the rug by working in contrast color. That’s it!  Enjoy!!

finished the rug; it turned out great…

the one unfinished project I talked about in other post is finished. and really I am amazed to see the result. when I was crocheting the squares, I was thinking that the combination of the these very different yarns is not going to work. but I kept working it as an experiment. I used all the bright colors I had, and so the rug looks like a rangoli.

pattern directions

things that kept me busy

i have been quiet busy in this month for many reasons. i finished some of my long pending projects recently. have a look;

i made this frock, and Aku is loving it. she happily gave me poses to click and played ring-a-ring holding the corners.

this is the back view.

i also finished up the little giraffe toy. i had to make its legs (three only, one was done and attached to the body), tail, ears and horns. my girls found it in the box and started playing with it, they treated it like a gun while holding its leg. so i thought it is better to be a giraffe rather than a gun, and finished it.

here is the close up

other than these finished ones, i am busy with some unfinished projects also. i started to make ‘textured doily’ from the book ‘Pineapple Lace’ by ‘Nihon Vogue Staff’. but sadly the thread i was using was not enough to finish is. so it is half way done.

i hope i’ll get the same thread to finish it.

and the last is a rug. it is almost half done.

i am quiet exited about this one as i don’t have any pattern for it. i just saw the picture of it and decided to make it. i hope it ends well. may be not like the one i saw but like some that can be displayed.;-)

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