Crafting the food

I have always liked the cute decorated bento lunches and wondered if I can do something like that for my kids school lunch. I am surely not going to have time and resources to do decorated bento but for now a simple bento lunch box


Contains  rice, fried green gram with coconut, cucumber and carrot salad, grilled capsicum, onion and paneer.


Black sheep with Mery

My kids had a fancy dress competition today. The theme was nursery rhyme characters and  they had to dress as their favourite Nursery rhyme character and had to do a small presentation on it- not more than 1 minute. Achu choose “Mary had a little lamb”

2013-09-27 08.15.53


It was super easy, I only had to sew this lamb out of a white towel 🙂

Aaku’s rhyme was ”Baa, Baa black sheep” And here is she before leaving to school

2013-09-27 08.15.41


I made this coat by sewing cotton straps on her old shirt, same for the head. She is looking so pretty with the three bags in her hand, isn’t she?

2013-09-27 08.16.06


So my Mary said that she was one of the selected students from her class, and my Black sheep got afraid and needed help to sing the rhyme!!

I can’t believe!!

I was happy as well as concern about my daughters, yesterday morning. They were going to some Grameen camp from the school. As it was an optional camp I took a lot of time to decide, actually I filled the form on last date. DH and myself were thinking a lot like , “they are too small to travel, to be away from us for the whole day, will they be able to take care of themselves… etc ”  Thinking that it would be a learning experience for them, be any of the kind, I decided to send them.

So my daughters left the house early in the morning and reached back at five in evening, (they came back early as it was cloudy and rained a little as well). They went happy faced and came back same.

2013-09-20 06.24.36


tricolor things

we were busy in my school in Independence day themed crafts, as we celebrate it with parents … and need to decorate the place with themed charts. so with the help of all the children in my class I put together this chart

2013-08-12 13.48.25


The other one has the paintings we did with the tricolors

2013-08-12 13.49.42


We did a lot of lotus in different styles.. I made the stencil and kids loved coloring it  as they had a perfect lotus  at the end 🙂

2013-08-12 13.52.10


And this is hand-print peacock and thumb flag hosting with some  tricolor craft

 2013-08-12 13.51.51



culmination day at school

Culminating activities are an important part of the academic programme of my daughters school. Culminating activities are organized for children to demonstrate their skills and project work. Parents are invited to view the work done by their children in the school.

We had our first culmination day last week. The children beautifully and I must say “confidently” shared their knowledge , as they played a scene from their syllabus.  My daughters were part of  “the community helpers”. Achu had to play a nurse and Aaku was a teacher.

2013-08-05 08.43.27

2013-08-05 08.45.12

fancy dress


the chef’s from my home: I am happy they are in different sections and I don’t have to think two separate things 🙂2013-06-18 08.13.21


and the two together

2013-06-18 08.13.31


the blue one was angry as I insisted to wear school shoes!!

first day

Today was my daughters first day in their new school. They were super exited to go in a bog school and I was so worried how they will be and all. Here they are ready for the school

2013-06-03 08.14.20

I went to pick them around three’o clock and I had to really look for them, Achu was at her place where her teacher would have sent  her with other kids but Aaku was not there when I inquired they said that section is still have to come out, so I was waiting. Suddenly I saw crying Aaku and one teacher comforting her Oh! my dear!I had the feeling that she will feel lonely without Achu! She said she missed Achu and was scared (it was obvious as she is afraid of crowd and outside everywhere she could see would be people looking for their wards and no sign of any known face.)

Later Achu said that she didn’t cry but water was coming out of her eyes!!

Both were tired but happy with the day in school and asked to finish the homework after changing.

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