Bharwan Bhindi

Easy snacks!


Stuffed tomato

Today it is stuffed tomato, in same gravy ;-).  I only knew the egg in tomato but the other day one of my friend shared this recipe and I thought why not!

Bharwan baingan i.e. stuffed brinjal

This is first in stuffed vegetables series.

I still need more practice with this recipe, but it was far better this time as I have made these one time earlier and knew the mistakes.

Cooking technique week 2: Stuffed vegetables

Everyone loves variations and if it is with regular cooking it makes the day. So I decided to do something with the same daily used vegetables and stuffing was the idea. So now I’ll be doing stuffed vegetables all the week.  I am all excited and thinking of the options… aalooo, gobhi, bhindi, karela…..