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I have been busy with my sewing machine for a while. I had bought a lot of fabric from my last RCPuram trip for different things, but some times you just buy and don’t know what you’ll do with that. I also had bought some fabric just like that… and last week I was browsing net and came across a simple pouch using circular piece of fabric, and I had to make it! Luckily I had the matching fabric for piping and matching zipper as well! So here it is…

2013-05-11 09.41.40and the coaster on cardboard weaver are done

2013-05-11 12.21.30


Next is a bag which is done in patchwork print fabric

2013-05-15 18.05.30I am so satisfied with this as I made pockets inside and the zipper is installed so perfectly.

2013-05-15 18.04.58 it it is three days work, but I am liking it 🙂





I have been doing a little this and that for past few weeks.

paper mache dolls
paper mache dolls
crocheting a bag
crocheting a bag
one more
one more..
reusing this into....
reusing this into….
a suit set for achu
….a suit set for Achu
and a frock for aaku
and a frock for Aaku
a key ring
a key ring
polke dot dress for achu
polka dot dress for Achu

and not to miss hair cut for her as well 🙂

playing with Jute

I have been knitting with this beautiful yarn with jute and cotton mix to make a market bag. Here is the bag all done!



The yarn feels quite stiff when you touch it first and I struggled in winding it into a ball. but I didn’t find any difficulty in knitting with it until the first row of k2tog, that was the place I had to knit carefully as I was not able to hold two sts together at first, but didn’t face this in later rows. overall the yarn was a great experience with jute and I loved working with it.

Felting Fun


Suddenly I felt like I need a bag! I checked online but I can’t work with instructions from the net and I don’t like those B/W printouts, they don’t encourage me to work. So I thought to check in my collection if I can make something nice from what I have. I had this book “Bags that rock” and the yarn for quite some time… but was afraid to try a new technique! after a lot of thinking I choose to go with the pattern “Laura Petrie” The pattern uses three colors but I haw wool in two colors only… so I used two colors only. It was an easy and quick knit. the felting instructions given in the book were for the washing machine, but I tried it with my hands… I was so afraid if everything is going to be ok.. but as after some time I started noticing the change I was so happy . So now I have a nice felted bag… which needs lining 😛

Very late..but.. The Cute Pouch

You people may have seen the little purse I made for my daughter using scrap squares.

Today I am sharing how did I made this pouch. I used scrap yarn to create 3″squares in sc (single crochet). Out of the five squares used in this pouch two are of one color and three are of the other color. Now this is how I made thie pouch from the squares;

1) sew the five squares as in the pic below.

2) Fold as directed and sew to get the pouch.

3) For the strap, join yarn at the one top corner of the pouch and crochet a chain as long as desired. Join with sl st to the other end.


a little tote for my daughter

I made a cute pouch for one of my daughters months ago, and now I am done with one more for the another daughter. it’s a little tote and she is carrying it everywhere with baby doll on the other hand.

I made this one as well with the crocheted squares; that I had made for some project which never got started; and some little crocheted rings.

I took 6 squares; 4 of one color and 2 of other
made 4 rings of third color
joined the squares
attached the rings at the joining points of four squares
made sl sts at the open end with third color
made the handle (dc st) with the third color
made handle (dc st) and it is done.

and she has filled it with her puzzle pieces.

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