Black sheep with Mery

My kids had a fancy dress competition today. The theme was nursery rhyme characters and  they had to dress as their favourite Nursery rhyme character and had to do a small presentation on it- not more than 1 minute. Achu choose “Mary had a little lamb”

2013-09-27 08.15.53


It was super easy, I only had to sew this lamb out of a white towel 🙂

Aaku’s rhyme was ”Baa, Baa black sheep” And here is she before leaving to school

2013-09-27 08.15.41


I made this coat by sewing cotton straps on her old shirt, same for the head. She is looking so pretty with the three bags in her hand, isn’t she?

2013-09-27 08.16.06


So my Mary said that she was one of the selected students from her class, and my Black sheep got afraid and needed help to sing the rhyme!!



I have been doing a little this and that for past few weeks.

paper mache dolls
paper mache dolls
crocheting a bag
crocheting a bag
one more
one more..
reusing this into....
reusing this into….
a suit set for achu
….a suit set for Achu
and a frock for aaku
and a frock for Aaku
a key ring
a key ring
polke dot dress for achu
polka dot dress for Achu

and not to miss hair cut for her as well 🙂

summer holidays

We are enjoying our summer holidays. DDs are playing all day long with their dolls or no-dolls, watching 3hr tv: as there is always some animation movie after lunch time, reading books: they must read by themselves when they want and I must read to them before sleeping, there is most of the days no nap and long sleep at night, waking up late, splashing in pool with papa and a lot of other things. some are clicked:

coloring sometime
coloring sometime
made jewelry for ourself
made jewelry for


paper mache doll
paper mache doll
trying hand on cardboard loom
trying hands on cardboard loom
paper planes
paper planes
rag doll
rag doll

Baby Baby

Ever since my sister got a baby girl my girls are thrilled by the idea of a baby and so the playing is shifted to the baby stuff a lot. I was crocheting this cute dress for the baby 2013-02-21 22.49.24

and they also wanted to do some dressing for their baby doll.

2013-02-22 16.02.55🙂 got their grown out baby shirt for the doll!

The crochet dress is from the book  “The crochet Bible”  by Sue Whiting

Aaku in C mode :)

C= creative

yes she is creating.. all by herself.

As we are having the holidays I am mostly busy with my cleaning, cooking, crafting etc. but the kids don’t have anything extra to do… they are starting their days with reading books and then shifting to the playing and watching tv…  they are really bored of this and daily are asking to go to school.

in all this they have become  interested in creating things (blame to art attack from Disney tv) they will see something and ask me for the supplies… sometimes I don’t have… Achu will be sad and will get busy in playing with toys but Aaku started creating puzzles. she is gifting them to us all the time 🙂


here is Achu puzzle (with tattoos on face), mini puzzle (she made it by putting her mini doll in her front), papa puzzle (at the corner) and another Achu puzzle (shhhh…I misplaced one piece somewhere).

Here is her tiny airplane


you can see it is less then the half of our remote, and it has a smiling face too.

and the next is her cute wall hanging..


here she is following the instructions to create the fur tree which I showed her how to do.


In all these Achu is also trying to create… here is her gift to me… looking like a tulip


you can see in background are the greeting cards made by both of them 🙂

an outing

We went on a picnic on last Saturday.  The picnic was organised by my DH’s company for the employers and family at Prakrithi resort  Bangalore.

Achu decided to swing instead of jumping in the bouncy.  DSC00857and so did Aku



Slide was the next big hit



hey had a bubble show for children and each of them enjoyed it be a big child or a little one.



Chasing the bubbles



and we were provided kite making kits, on which I tried my hand and succeeded to make one. But it didn’t fly and soon Achu was trying her hand on it



she tried hard



and harder



and she was running with it for a lot of time in the sunny weather…  so they felt so good when I asked to take out the warm clothes and put on the sunglasses






some rest



and again on the go



counting tiles in garden



and checking what they got as gift



It was a day full of activities and the kids enjoyed a lot.


“Role Playing” is the game

Now a days both the girls are busy with each other only because they are playing the “role play” game all the time. as I am writing it down they are playing teacher-student in the other room. All this makes me smile and sometimes laugh aloud. They love to play teacher and student and sometimes mother and baby and the third choice is mother and father to their toy baby.

When they are teacher and student I get to know a lot about what happens at the school. They treat each other as the student giving her a name of fellow classmate and talk to each other as their teacher talks to them. Sometimes with love sometimes with care, sometimes ordering and sometimes requesting to each other. Wow! I love to sit in a chair and watch them playing. They look so cute when they say “are you not a good baby? “; “Achala, aapki mummy aayegi, fir aap gher jaogi.”; “aapko susu aa rahi hai? come I’ll take you to bathroom.”. I am noticing that they are using more and more English in their conversation these days. And Aaku is so keen to speak in English that when she does not find a word she creates a new one to use instead of talking in Hindi. Most of the time I have to think twice about what she is talking about.

When they play Mother and Baby they do all short of things that I do for them. They will dress, feed, make sleep, love, hug, kiss, take to bathroom, cook the food, …. etc. And when they do all this my home does not remain the same… they take out all the things they need for the particular act ; As when they are making a baby to sleep, they go to the bedroom take out the pillows (all of them) and the blankets out in the hall; when they are cooking they will take out the utensils from  the kitchen. and when they move on to the other act the hall is full with bowls, spoons, glasses, plates, pillows, books, toys and all the other things they can get out of their places. But the cute thing is that when I say them that I have to clean up the room they are always ready to help me for that. they always put  their toys properly when I ask them to do so. Do you know why? Because that is also a game for them… playing me! They ask for the duster and want to clean up like I do 🙂

This game keeps them busy for a long time and they show a lot of affection to each other while playing the role play… that is why I am loving the game.

they got puzzel game

it happened yesterday when we visited to supermarket for some shopping. when I was finished with my list I decided to just browse around the store. everyone who knows my husband will surely tell that which section did he choose. and if it was not enough my two little girls also choose the same section always in any store (if it is not there then every other section works for them); yes you know it ‘the books section’. both of my daughters love to get out the book from its place and then mix it with any other category. Achu is busy in this task most of the time but Aaku seems to be more interested in the books, she gets any book, opens it up and if she likes it, she will sit on the floor and turn around the book until she is full with it and then move to the other. so when the three were searching in books, I chose to look around in the store. I have told to them that they are not going to get any book as they had torn a book. so I thought to look for some toy and found jigsaw puzzles (4-6 pieces). first I thought it will be too much for them but then thought to give them a try, so bought two game boxes, one of animals (elephant,lion and monkey), and the other of fruits (grapes, mango and apple). after returning home I opened the one with animals to them and show them how to join the pieces. Aaku asked for elephant (she is loving elephants now a days) and Achu for monkey. now the elephant has six pieces and so it was a little difficult for Aaku to do it, on the other hand Achu seemed not at all interested in the doing job but she wanted one for her hand and as usual they exchanged the two happily. Aaku quickly learned the game and joined the four pieces of monkey. her minimum time taken was under one minute; yes she was busy with the same for five and more minutes too but I was talking about the minimum. at the same time Achu was telling me to join the pieces and showing to her papa and vice-versa.  later it became difficult to take the puzzle away from them and make them eat and sleep.

today they asked for the puzzle and I gave them the animal puzzle, lion and monkey. Aaku happily joined the pieces of both the puzzles, Achu first put the box with her and did nothing, but later when I clicked Aaku’s snaps she also tried and did well with the five piece lion.

after this success Achu is playing with it, and I saw her joining monkey perfectly with herself, again and again. 🙂

out of the kitchen

my daughters love to play with things from the kitchen. they take away utensils, containers, vegetables, food etc from the kitchen and play with them. i have captured some of those cute moments where they are playing with the kitchen items.

toy is offered food in plate with spoon
he is resting over the 'kadahi'
Aku seems too busy in cooking
Achu is hiding herself
over the center table
feeding the toys
what a combination (stem is being used like spoon to feed toy)
achu has one with little resemblance to the spoon
'come and have food' she said after this
here is a new game, stack and dance
stack the containers
now i'll put!
it is not looking good!
oo hoo
let's do it again!
now dance around it!
when will it fall down?

things that kept me busy

i have been quiet busy in this month for many reasons. i finished some of my long pending projects recently. have a look;

i made this frock, and Aku is loving it. she happily gave me poses to click and played ring-a-ring holding the corners.

this is the back view.

i also finished up the little giraffe toy. i had to make its legs (three only, one was done and attached to the body), tail, ears and horns. my girls found it in the box and started playing with it, they treated it like a gun while holding its leg. so i thought it is better to be a giraffe rather than a gun, and finished it.

here is the close up

other than these finished ones, i am busy with some unfinished projects also. i started to make ‘textured doily’ from the book ‘Pineapple Lace’ by ‘Nihon Vogue Staff’. but sadly the thread i was using was not enough to finish is. so it is half way done.

i hope i’ll get the same thread to finish it.

and the last is a rug. it is almost half done.

i am quiet exited about this one as i don’t have any pattern for it. i just saw the picture of it and decided to make it. i hope it ends well. may be not like the one i saw but like some that can be displayed.;-)

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