It’s observation time (Achu)

So today I went with Achu in her classroom to see how is she doing in there. It was scheduled for one and half hour, but she was so quick in those activities that we were out in front of the office to meet school head in one hour. In the morning when she heard that she will not go to school with Aaku she started insisting to go with papa to his office… yes you read it correct, she wanted to go the office. When it became impossible to console her poor papa made a promise to take her to the office on Sunday. And he knows if she remembers all this he would have to take her there.

After the two were gone she started to watch cartoon. When I told her that I’ll be going to the school with her to see what she does there, she didn’t show me any interest… she was enjoying the time and space without Aaku. But as the time passed she started telling me to change clothes and to go to get Aaku from the school. We went to the school at 12 o’clock, we were the first to reach for that batch I think. She started with the activity with bunch of cards with a kind of shapes, one bunch were painted, the other was thickly outlined and the last bunch was just the outline of the same shapes. She showed me symmetric shapes with matching them. the next activity was the sand paper numbers. In this activity they learn numbers by tracing them, it helps them to write the numbers later. The next was the number rod, it is the first activity to introduce the concept of numbers to the children, and it is the activity to which Aaku refused to do. Later Achu did the language activities,sand paper tracing with alphabets and sounds to the alphabets.The last activity was the sprinter box for counting. She did all the activities with lot of interest and enjoyment.

Later the school head told me that they are happy with Achu’s performance and she is an active, happy to do anything, cooperating and obeying  child. She has a good vocabulary and is happy to use English for the talking.

I am happy with all this BUT she gave me hint about Aaku…. So I am waiting for her day… you too wait for her report card.

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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